El Ashfield

El Ashfield is a children's illustrator, and Camberwell Arts College Alumnus. Her work incorporates filmic angles, humour, and extreme expressions and little details designed to help 4-8 year olds learn to read. She has illustrated 4 published books, The "Ralph is (not) a…" series and a new work: "Trucilla's Wedding Cake" (2012). In 2009 she won the University of the Arts London Creative Seed Fund Award and her books have been shortlisted for the Gateshead Children's Book Award 2010, the Carnegie Medal, the Roald Dahl Funny Prize, the Royal Mail Awards 2011, and the People's Book Prize 2011/2012 (finalist).

Please tweet at me on Twitter: @elashfieldraws or get in touch through my websites www.ralphisnotasuperhero.com and www.trucilla.co.uk.



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