FEast Commissions

Camberwell Arts are delighted to commission 5 artists to create new work for Feast. From sweet trails to art takeaways, our selected artists invite you to sink your teeth into art in all its forms. 

This project is currently in the process of development and production so as we get more information and locations, we'll be updating this page with all the relevant information in time for the Festival launch on the 20th June.

Camberwell Family Gin Palace - Frog Morris - The Tiger, Camberwell Green

Inspired by the elaborately decorated Gin Palaces and Shopping Parades of Victorian London, Frog Morris invites local people to help me create colourful stained glass windows using sweet wrappers and craft materials for the the window of The Tiger pub in contemporary Camberwell. Stained glass was not just used by churches; it was also once a colourful way to advertise businesses as well. You are invited to come and feast on sweets and help assemble the stained glass window on Saturday 20th June from 1pm at The Tiger. The finished artwork will be displayed during the festival


Din Din - Amanda Holiday

50 plate collages relating to a fiction of modern eating in an age of austerity and food-banks. 


Fit for a King - Shannon Lane

A porcelain white pig’s head with a 24carat golden apple, surrounded by golden vegetables. 


A-Z Sweetie Trail - Tom Leighton - Across Camberwell

Follow the photographic clues on a sweetie trail around SE5. 


Art Takeaway - Kay Sentence 

You choose, we share, you take-art-away.  


Supported by Southwark Council and Awards for All