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Calling all party lovers and Camberwell enthusiasts, this is an special announcement for you!

Excitement and thrill are the best two words to express our emotions when presenting artworks to all of you, main reason why we are very happy to present The Life of the Party: An Art Journey through Camberwell, sponsored by Hunters state agents.

 This exhibition is a great chance to explore Camberwell in depth while enjoying a great selection of 25 artworks, one for each year the Festival has been on. This project’s goal is no other than integrating works by those who are better known in the art world and are linked to Camberwell and connect them with the works of those who represent the community of local artists or those who are emerging or work independently. 

10 Marcus Aitken, Bowtie.jpg
2 María Meléndez, My Jazzy Neighbour.jpg

María Meléndez, My Jazzy Neighbour

7 Frank Xerox, Fred Kahlo.jpg

Frank Xerox, Fred Kahlo

8 Caroline Carr, _tbc_ .jpeg

Caroline Carr, Untitled

9 Marie Lenclos, Little Abstract Avril.jpg

Marie Lenclos, Little Abstract Avril

13 Georgie Sladen, Laville.PNG
21 Kimbal Bumstead, Comtemplative Immersion.JPG

Kimbal Bumstead, Contemplative Immersion


Susan Gordon, Great New Square

15 Tina Martins, 1984.png

Tina Martins, 1984

11, Susan Sowerby, Yellow and Black .JPG

Susan Sowerby, Yellow and black and pale and hectic red

6 Silvia Righetti, Energy..jpg
12, Georgie Sladen, Ballet Study.JPG

Georgie Sladen, Ballet Study

24 Camberwell Pixel Press, Try Your Luck.jpg

Camberwell Pixel Press, Try Your Luck


Holly Bishop, Cruson

25 Sun Records, Master of Pop.jpg

Sun Records, Masters of Pop (CAF15)

Tom Leighton, Goodbye Cruson