Made in Camberwell  summer market 2018

Saturday 23 June


we are working to...

  • secure Camberwell Green for our Made in Camberwell market alongside the regular Farmer's Market 
  • showcase the wonderfully creative talent and products of Camberwell designers and makers to local and visiting shoppers.  If you have well-designed products to sell, and have a link with Camberwell, you are welcome to apply for a market stall using the APPLY button below
  • set up exciting creative activities for all ages and all abilities, encouraging young and old to get involved in all kinds of artsy fun
  • invite all dog owners to 'dress up their pet' and show them in a hilarious parade
  • organise an 'artist-inspired cake competition' 
  • live up to Camberwell's well-deserved reputation as a centre of creativity of all kinds.

If you are interested to apply for a stall at this Made in Camberwell market on Camberwell Green, click on the APPLY FOR A MARKET STALL button below  


When you apply for a market stall there is a pitch fee of £35 which covers:

  • sharing a gazebo with other traders
  • a table measuring approx 150 x 70 cm
  • the advantage of coordinating the Saturday Arts Markets with many other creative activities for young and old on Camberwell Green drawing visitors to the Green and keeping them there (see the plans list above)

  • Marketing in the comprehensive 40 page Camberwell Arts Festival brochure (the print version reaching a readership of 20,000 and an online version too), flyers, posters and banners in and around Camberwell

  • Social media marketing to our 15,000 followers as well as on local forums, blogs and news feeds

Please remember:

  • Camberwell Arts defines ‘local’ as living, working or studying in Camberwell and the adjoining neighbourhoods

  • The stallholder named in the application must have designed, created or produced their items for sale

  • All products must be suitable and appropriate for viewing by a family audience


  • If you are a successful candidate for the Arts Market, you will already have paid on application.

  • We operate a strict NO REFUND policy.  

  • If for any reason you find you cannot take up your place at the Arts Market, please notify the organisers camberwellartsmarket@gmail.com so that we might try to find another trader to fill the gap.