Camberwell Arts Commissions

To celebrate our 20th anniversary we commissioned 20 artists to create new work for Camberwell.  Some responded literally to the number 20 and all that it symbolises; others reflected on the party symbolism associated with a significant anniversary. From cakes to crockery, party bags to pompoms, there was something for everyone in this celebration of Camberwell’s vibrant arts scene. Here's what took place this year.


Tracy Allen

A £20 note to celebrate our 20th anniversary!  Tracy Allen’s screen print is taken from a real bank note with the serial number HOG7950505.


Amber Anderson: 

The traditional symbol for a 20th anniversary is china.  Amber Anderson creates an interactive china installation based on the game of picture consequences. | @amberamberson



Farah Bajull

Iranian artist Farah Bajull displays a series of photographic portraits that use a 20-metre long set of worry beads as their focal point.


Caspar Below

Visitors and contributors of the last 20 Camberwell Arts Festivals are invited to share and record their memories and donate posters, programmes, documents and artefacts to the new Camberwell Arts Archive. 

Artist and oral historian Caspar Below will kick-start this archival collection for Camberwell Arts Festival’s 20th anniversary, with a view to add to the collection consistently over time.  The collection will be permanently housed at Lambeth Archives near Myatt’s Fields. 

More information and project blog at


Miss Cakehead

Miss Cakehead curates an edible cake walk through Camberwell.  Find and eat our 20 specially commissioned anniversary cakes on display around Camberwell. | @Miss_Cakehead


Eleanor Davies

Eleanor Davies’ celebratory silver pompom makes a magnificent anniversary addition to the rockery in Lucas Gardens.



Godfried Donkor

British-Ghanaian artist Godfried Donkor creates a football-based art trail through Camberwell to celebrate the 2014 FIFA World Cup.


Garudio Studiage

Snap up one of our limited edition party bags – created by Garudio Studiage and available to the first 100 people who visit our Made in Camberwell Arts Market


Henry Gundry-White

Henry Gundry-White presents a series of gift-wrapped objects throughout Camberwell – using industrial cling-film to transform everyday items into objects of display.


Jess Linares

Paper artist Jess Linares presents a gift to inspirational local charity Ronald Mcdonald House Camberwell.


Joanna McCormick

Joanna McCormick's artist journalist story hunter TwentyTwenty will be roaming and searching the streets, pubs, cafes and green parts of Camberwell. She will be collecting stories and making them into pictures, using magical interactive techniques with the people of Camberwell such as reminiscence, graphite pencils, lovely paper, inks and watercolour.


Frog Morris

The Beast of Camberwell Green is believed to live in the long abandoned Camberwell underground tunnels and resurface to forage for food on Camberwell Green at night.  Some say The Beast escaped from a Victorian medical experiment, others believe it to be space alien or an ancient tree nymph.  Sightings have increased over recent months: perhaps you have seen or heard something?

In June 2014 Professor Frog Morris plans to capture The Beast.  He will be collecting information and recording sighting of the beast during the Camberwell Art Festival.


Amy Pennington

Travelling on buses through Camberwell with her hand-cranked drawing machine, Amy Pennington invites residents to take a trip down Memory Lane (an actual place in Camberwell) and then creates artworks responding to their memories and stories.
| @Amythedrawer


Johannes Phokela

Celebrated South African artist Johannes Phokela creates a beer mat artwork for his favourite London pub, using his trademark döppelgangers of Dutch and Flemish Old Masters.


Rik Pinkcombe

Mixed race photographer Rik Pinkcombe looks at racial identity through images of borders and bridges, which link communities and also symbolise immigration and emigration.  He documents Camberwell’s very own border between Southwark and Lambeth to accompany recent photographs taken along the USA’s borders with Mexico and Canada. 


Jez Rands

Look out for Jez Rands’ latest artwork on telephone boxes along Camberwell Church Street.


Uve Rivera

Uve Rivera creates a Camberwell Bestiary, responding to some of Camberwell’s legendary creatures – from the Bears of Addington Square to the Minet cat.


Alice Roche

It wouldn’t be a party without balloons and badges and Alice Roche’s limited edition balloon and party badge will be on display throughout Camberwell.


Harald Smykla

Harald Smykla creates a composite panoramic view of this artist’s treasure trove - capturing the random presence of people and their interactions in the process.


Sarah Sparkes


Sarah Sparkes has been researching the collections and archives at the Salvation Army Heritage Centre and has created an installation in response to these.



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