the 2018 festival Camberwell arts festival


festival dates 16 June to 24 june 2018

What happens when artists and medics mix?  Camberwell is the place to find out as this year’s Camberwell Arts Festival explores the theme of All’s Well – the motto adopted by the Metropolitan Borough of Camberwell when it was granted the right to a coat of arms in 1901. 

It all began when Londoners first decided that the waters of the Camber Well were a remedy for life’s ills.  Ever since, Camberwell has been a cradle for medical discovery and innovation, particularly in the area of mental health and well-being, and All’s Well is an opportunity to explore the unique cultural and scientific mix of the local area.

From 16th – 24th June, Camberwell will become a crucible of scientific and artistic experimentation and collaboration.  From art performances to anatomy classes, wishing wells to well-being seminars, we’re looking to promote the work of local artists, performers, health practitioners and local residents as part of this year’s Festival Fringe.


we  hope  you'll  join  us  for  all's  well  in  camberwell

On this page we showcase the diversity of Fringe events, exhibitions and workshops. For the full programme of Health and Wellbeing 'taster' workshops go to the Home page and scroll down.  For the Arts Market and Creative activities look up the ArtsFest on Saturday 23 June. Put into your diary the weekend of 16/17 June for Open Studios and see a preview of theme here.


celebrating  camberwell's  diverse  communities

Now in its 24th year, the Camberwell Arts Festival has grown out of and celebrates the vibrant artistic community in Camberwell. It is developed as a partnership between local artists, residents and organisations and is co-ordinated by Camberwell Arts, a registered charity that aims to promote the arts in Camberwell – and Camberwell through the arts.

Below are a gallery of Workshops, Events and Exhibitions that are listed in the June 2018 Camberwell Arts Festival brochure...

Even more Fringe events for all ages and abilities to watch, take part in, be entertained by, learn and enjoy.